Private Vendors

Private Vendors

Private Vendors

Whilst the majority of our instructions come from insolvency practitioners and asset-backed lenders, we do occasionally accept instructions from private vendors, including

  • Retirement sales
  • Relocation sales
  • Stock rationalisation exercises

We rarely take instructions from private vendors unless the assets are to be moved to our premises and then sold without reserve. We acknowledge this can be off-putting to vendors, however we believe it results in higher prices.

We have built up an excellent reputation on the back of more than 20 years’ experience from holding genuine insolvency related instructions and in excess of 96% of the lots we list for sale are successfully sold within our auctions. There are many auctioneers who will gladly accept your entries with (often unrealistically high) reserves and leaving the assets in situ. This typically results in a much lower percentage of lots being sold and lower prices.

We are always delighted to receive private vendor instructions, providing they understand our no reserve philosophy.

We would be delighted to put potential private vendors in touch with firms who have used our services historically.

To discuss your requirements in the strictest confidence please speak to Jonathan B Kay MNAVA MABRP on 0161 998 8111 or email

Contact robson kay to discuss your requirements