18-Jun-24 at 12:00

Auction: 18-Jun-24 at 12:00

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Categories in This Auction:

Panel Vans

2021 Maxus SV63C Deliver 9

2018 Ford Transit Custom 290

2015 Renault Trafic LL29 Sport

26x Electric Motorbikes (ex-Getir)

26 Electric Motorbikes (ex-Getir)

We are instructed to sell the total assets from two Getir franchises following Getir’s closure of their UK operation.

This includes 26 individually lotted electric motorbikes, plus helmets, insulated boxes, protective clothing and more.

The assets also include a large quantity of commercial refrigeration – see the appropriate section within this auction listing.

Commercial Catering Equipment including qty True Display Refrigeration

We are instructed to sell the total assets from two Getir Franchises following Getir’s closure of their UK operation.

The electric motorbikes relating to this instruction are detailed separately in this auction listing.

The refrigeration products include in excess of 30 True Refrigeration high quality twin clear door upright display fridges and freezers, a variety of other refrigeration, furniture, signage and more.

Also, in this auction is a small quantity of commercial catering equipment from other instructions, including a mini dairy system, commercial dishwasher, pasta boiler, hot water urns and more.

TRIB3 Gym & AV Equipment

Following on from recent sales of the assets from multiple TRIB3 locations, we have been instructed by a finance company to sell assets from the Bristol and Southampton franchises.

The gym equipment includes 14 off Escape Deck V2.0 multi-function fitness steps, 16 off air bikes, large quantity of dumbbells being sold in small sets, dumbbell racks, good quantity of gym flooring and more.

The AV/IT equipment includes good quantities of PA and other speakers, lighting, lighting controllers, cordless microphones, CCTV equipment, HDMI distribution, networking equipment, laptops, screens, amplifiers, mixers, equalizer and much more.

Also, in the sale from TRIB3 are commercial blenders, laundry equipment, air conditioning equipment, commercial refrigeration and much more.

The assets from a Cycling Events Company

This section comprises the total assets from a Large Event Company, being sold as a result of insolvency.

The assets include a good quantity of large commercial gazebos, good quantity of outdoor seating, plus trestle tables, parasol bases, first aid equipment, bean bags, podium, trolleys, ramps and much more.

There is also a small quantity of specialist bike related equipment, including bike stands.

Office Furniture & I.T. Equipment including Apple

We are instructed to sell the total contents of the offices from a Media Company, as a result of insolvency.

Furniture includes a good quantity and variety of industrial style solid wood desks and tables on heavy duty metal legs, plus wide variety of matching chairs.

IT equipment includes 12 Apple MacBook  Pro and Air notebooks, 2 off Apple mini computers, quantity of Apple wireless keyboards and mice, Apple TV, Apple iPad and iPhones, good quantity of Samsung 27” wide screen monitors, Windows based desktops and notebooks, notebook stands and much more.

Also, Rode studio-quality microphone, office equipment, TVs, small domestic appliances, wine fridge and much more.

Diederik Van Apple Artwork

'Why So SeriouS' / 'Why $o $eriou$' by Diederik Van Apple.  Cost price £5,500.