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Whilst we sometimes sell assets by private treaty, which are listed in the Assets for Sale or Businesses for Sale sections of our website, we primarily sell assets by auction and occasionally by tender.

Auction and tender sales are listed in this section of the website, with most sales taking place online via We typically hold between one and three auctions per month, of which the majority consist of assets which have been moved to our premises, but occasionally, we sell assets which remain at the premises of the insolvent company.

Depending upon how far in advance of a sale we start marketing, the individual page on a specific auction can be updated many times in advance of the sale, however our newsletters sent to all those on our mailing list tend to advise of any major updates.

Please click on "Auction FAQs" for details of how our online sales work.

Please note that properties are rarely sold by auction and you should look in the Property for Sale section for details of properties currently on our books.

Type: Day: Date: Location More Information
Auction Monday 27/04/2020 ONLINE AUCTION, goods located at Robson Kay in South Manchester More Information >>
Categories: 9 Recovery Vehicles
Cars & Commercials
Garage Equipment, General Industrial & Miscellaneous
Auction Tuesday 12/05/2020 ONLINE AUCTION, goods located at Robson Kay in South Manchester More Information >>
Commercial Catering Equipment
EPOS Equipment
Office Furniture, Computers & IT Equipment
Auction Tuesday 19/05/2020 ONLINE AUCTION, lots located in Manchester More Information >>
Categories: Large Metalworking & General Industrial Auction
Correa Bed Milling Machines
Manufacturing / Machining Centres
Metrology Department (Laser Trackers & CMM)
Printing & Routing
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