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We are independent valuers, auctioneers and agents. We only act as agent (never as principal) to ensure the impartiality and integrity of our advice.

Our family business is run by father and son team David & Jonathan Kay. Between them they have experience of personally handling in excess of 7,000 Insolvency cases. All cases are personally supervised by David or Jonathan, with the responsible director having a hands-on involvement throughout the case.

Based in Manchester we operate a true national 24/7 service. Whilst approximately two thirds of our cases are in the North, North West and Midlands, the balance of our work is scattered throughout the length and breadth of the UK, with occasional (growing) overseas instructions.

We combine a commitment to the best of old fashioned service with our continuing on-going investment in information technology and our use of the internet, targeted emails to our database and a continually developing custom-made auction programme to ensure that we combine the best of both worlds.

We understand insolvency and the appropriate sections of the Insolvency Act, enabling us to anticipate and service insolvency practitioner’s specific requirements. Our reports are not simply lists of assets, but are tailored to the requirements of the particular case to provide meaningful information in an easily understood format within the required timescale.

Our services include:

a) Valuation
b) Advice
c) Identification of saleable assets, both tangible and intangible
d) Handling of ROT claims
e) Finance company liaison
f) Supervision of return of third party assets
g) Attention to work-in-progress
h) Negotiations in the sale of assets, businesses, companies, Intellectual Property Rights etc.
i) Sales by private treaty, auction and tender
j) Sale of land and buildings
k) Assistance in relation to any other appropriate matter

We pride ourselves in our ability to establish an individual Insolvency Practitioner’s requirements at the earliest stage possible so that we can adapt our services to suit and provide as much or as little assistance as our instructing IP (and the individual case requires).

Whilst our prime concern is to provide meaningful valuations, reports, advice and assistance plus maximise the realisation cost effectively, we do not lose sight of the importance of dealing with all the “little things” from finance company liaison, to ROT, to return of third party equipment, to changing of locks etc.


Our custom designed auction centre includes storage facilities, secure compounds, transport and forklift truck, auction hall etc. The existence of our superb facilities gives us far more options when handling cases.

Whilst the quality of our service and the results we deliver are primarily as a result of the caliber of the personnel dealing with each case, there is no doubt that without our facilities we would often have to resort to less cost-effective alternatives.

References/Testimonials/What our clients say

We have asked our clients why they favour us with their instructions, and comments include:

“The best deal makers I know”

“Exceptional service and commitment”

“The ability to move and store assets (quickly) when necessary”

“Attention to detail”

We act for a large number of Insolvency Practitioners, primarily throughout the North West, from small independents to the largest national firms. We are confident that potential clients would be impressed, should they wish to contact any of our clients for a testimonial.

Case Studies
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Case Study 4
Case Study 5

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