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We are instructed to seek offers for the assets, goodwill and intellectual property rights of a company specialising in the conservation of historic and listed buildings.


The physical assets comprise:


a)                  A modest amount of office equipment.

b)                  IT equipment.

c)                  11 off vehicles (all subject to contract hire agreements).

d)                  1 off printer/copier (subject to lease).

e)                  Nominal amount of small tools.

f)                   Nominal amount of statuary.


The company is North West based, and is active primarily in Merseyside, Yorkshire and the                       North West, and has won several awards.


The staff comprise:


a)                  Circa 9 off office/managerial staff to include secretarial, commercial director, contracts director, 2 estimators and 2 subcontract managers.

b)                  Circa 16 off tradespeople on weekly payroll.

c)                  Circa 30 off semi-permanent CIS employees.


Tradespeople primarily use their own transport, their own small tools, and any large equipment is hired in for the individual job.


Filed accounts to 31 December 2018 show turnover was £2.9m, with an operating loss of £1.1m.  Management information for the first 9 months of 2019 shows turnover was circa £3.1m.


There is work-in-progress which it is anticipated will generate turnover during November and December 2019 of circa £550k.


There are a number of projects/potential contracts for 2020, four of which have been secured.  The balance are either in negotiation or clients have indicated that the company is favourable to receive the contracts, and if all these are secured, it is hoped turnover will be maintained in line with previous years.




1)                  We are seeking expressions of interest in the sale of the chattel assets, goodwill and intellectual property rights (not the company).

2)                  It is anticipated that any contracts (whether existing or proposed) will not be assignable, and it will be at the risk, responsibility and expense of the purchaser to contact individual clients in the hope of acquiring/transferring any such contracts.

3)                  Interested parties should take their own independent professional advice in relation to TUPE obligations.

4)                  There will be no guarantees or warranties of any kind whatsoever in relation to anything whatsoever (whether implied or otherwise).

5)                  Expressions of interest should be made in the first instance to:


David W Kay

Robson Kay Associates Ltd

Tilson Road

Manchester  M23 9GF




These should be in writing only with an indicative (non-binding) offer together with proof of funding, and should be received no later than 12 noon on Friday 6th December 2019.


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