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Medical Equipment Development Company

Orphidia Ltd have been carrying out research and development in relation to the production of a desktop device for carrying out blood tests.

The benefits of this device are a small machine which takes a far smaller sample of blood than conventional equipment which can be used by people with limited skills/training and produce the results quickly. 

The prototype produces results in around 2 hours, although it is anticipated that with ongoing innovations to the software and hardware, this could be reduced to circa 1 hour, or possibly even 20 minutes.

The company has patents pending in a variety of jurisdictions, but no current regulatory approval in any jurisdiction.

The research and development is a team effort by the directors and a number of key personnel – total staff of 8.

The prototype device has produced results for two tests (PSA and Prolactin) which are accurate compared to comparisons with conventional laboratories.  Other tests are in development.

A Notice of Intent has been filed to appoint Administrators, and the intention is to seek offers for any such rights as the company may have to: 

a)                  Their chattel assets (office furniture and equipment).

b)                  The prototypes.

c)                  The intellectual property rights.


The above information has all been provided by a director of the company.

Because this will be a disposal by an Administrator, there will of course be no warranties or indemnities of any kind whatsoever in relation to anything whatsoever whether implied or otherwise.

It is essential that interested parties are able to make offers very quickly, as (in the current situation) the Administrators intend to complete a disposal as soon as practical.

Offers should be made in writing to:


Mr David W Kay – Director

Robson Kay Associates Ltd

Tilson Road

Manchester M23 9GF




To be received no later than noon British Summer Time on Friday 23rd August 2019 accompanied by proof of funding.


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