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Umbrella Employment Specialist for Sale

The directors of a North West based umbrella employment company have consulted with Licensed Insolvency Practitioners with a view to the company entering into administration shortly.

The company specialise in the employment sector and typically employ approximately 500 temporary staff at any one time, although the numbers vary throughout the year given the cyclical nature of the education sector.

In the current year, staffing costs are estimated to total very approximately £6m with a fee income/commission of approximately £130,000.

Very approximately 65% of the company’s revenue comes from one key agency customer, with the second largest customer accounting for approximately 20% of revenue.  Approximately 50 additional customers make up the remaining 15% of annual revenue.

The company’s administrative functions are carried out by a different, related, non-insolvent company, meaning this company does not own any physical assets, has no occupational lease, no staff involved in the running of the company and somewhat unusually, do not own the trading name which is used under license from the aforementioned sister company.

Offers are invited for the company’s goodwill and IPR which essentially consists of contacts/contracts and temporary employees, although it is important to point out that the contracts with the agency customers do not guarantee any minimum levels of work.

Indicative offers from interested parties should be addressed to and received no later than noon on Friday, 21st December 2018, in order to provide sufficient time for contracts to be prepared.

Please note the name of the key client/s will not be provided to interested parties, even upon the signing of an NDA, for reasons of commercial sensitivity and to ensure the successful purchaser can be confident the name is only released to them (upon completion).

Guide price:    £50,000


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