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We are instructed to seek indicative offers in relation to the assets and goodwill of an installer of network systems for Government departments.

The company operates as a subcontractor to approved contractors and has undertaken work on Ministry of Defence sites throughout the UK.

The assets are as follows: -

a)      Office equipment – the only office equipment owned by the company is one laptop (the office furniture is third party property).

b)      The vans utilised by the company are on lease rental arrangements in which equity does not accrue.

c)      The photocopiers are on rental agreements.

d)      There is plant, machinery and equipment – primarily smaller items such as splicing equipment, cobras, pipe benders, safety harnesses, ladders, etc. plus one trailer and winch – these are understood to be scattered at a multiplicity of locations throughout the UK, and in most cases, if they still exist, will be under the control of third parties/customers/subcontractors and may therefore be irrecoverable.

e)      The stock-in-trade is primarily leftovers – the company does not carry stock as such, but each time it carries out a contract, there are often leftovers which are retained against potential future use.  The stock-in-trade is also understood to be scattered at multiple locations throughout the UK and if it still exists, under the control of third parties/customers/subcontractors and therefore may or may not be recoverable.

f)       Order book.  We understand that there is only one order, which is for circa £1,200.

Due to the lack of ongoing work, the company are considering their options including the possibility of putting the company into administration, with the assets, goodwill and IPR being sold on behalf of the administrators – hence our seeking indications of interest/indicative offers.

At this stage, interested parties should make an indicative offer (which is not committing them) no later than 4pm on Thursday, 3rd August 2017, accompanied by proof of funding to David W Kay, email:


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