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ONLINE AUCTION, goods located at our Auction Rooms in South Manchester

Tuesday 19/10/2021 - Time: 14:00 PM


BIDDING ENDS from 2pm on Tuesday 19th October 2021

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Categories in this Auction are:

Commercial Catering Equipment

Very large quantity of commercial catering equipment including the contents of several restaurants/cafés and an events catering company.

Ovens including quantity of Rational 6-deck and 10-deck ovens, 4 and 6-burner gas ovens, plus combination microwaves, baking ovens and more.

Commercial mixers, floor standing and benchtop fryers, kebab machine, planchas, quantity of twin contact grills, benchtop hobs, Robot Coupe food processor, Robot Coupe stick blender, portable gas burners and more.

Ice cream, soft serve and slush drinks machines

Very wide variety of refrigeration including clear front display fridges, open front retail display fridges, blast chillers, serve over counters, ice cream freezers, stainless steel fridges including undercounter, tall and twin door, variety of bar fridges and much more.

Commercial coffee machines, ice makers, overhead dishwashers, scales, utensils, paperware, glassware, large gazebo, trolleys, racking/shelving and much more.

Furniture including wide variety of stainless steel tables including mobile plus cupboards, shelving, wall-mountable cupboards, insect-o-cuters and much more.

Wide variety of restaurant and café tables and chairs.

And much more too numerous to list. 

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