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ONLINE AUCTION, goods located at our Auction Rooms in South Manchester

Tuesday 18/05/2021 - Time: 12:00 PM

VIEW at our premises by prior appointment (all viewing takes place in a COVID compliant manner including social distancing, restricted numbers, mask wearing and regular sanitization)


BIDDING ENDS from 12 Noon on Tuesday 18th May 2021




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Categories in this Auction are:

The assets from a professional deep cleaning & restoration services business as a result of insolvency.

Genlab SPEC/LCO drying cabinet / oven

Genlab SPEC/LCO (Specialist Large Capacity Oven) drying cabinet / oven

Five removable shelves which can each be placed on any of the 10 fixed rails

Internal dimensions of cabinet 1,220mm wide x 1,320mm tall x 750mm deep.

Understood to have been used to dry out water damaged electrical and electronic items 

Large Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Large Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank: Morantz Super Mighty One s/n SMH2007-41--ZC with Prowave true digital ultrasonic cleaning, Ultrasonics EJ2000C ultrasonic generator, internal hydraulic lift plus removable cage & foot pedal. 

Internal dimensions of tank with hydraulic lift at its lowest point approx 1,400mm x 670mm x 600mm. 

Including small compressor system

Approx 50x Dehumidifiers

7 off Phoenix R200 dehumidifiers
25 off Dantherm dehumidifiers
9 off Ebac dehumidifiers
4 off Drieaz Drizair professional dehumidifiers

Approx 50x Dessicant Dryers, Room Dryers, Blowers, Pumps & Heaters

3 off Ecor Pro desiccant dryers
1 off Clarke pump
10 off aerial AirMaxx 2000H air blowers
2 off Rhino TQ3 heaters
9 off room dryers
22 off Honeywell 2.5kW power heaters

Approx 200x High Output Industrial Floor Fans

Approx 200x 18” – 20” high output floor fans by Clarke Air, Honeywell & Carlton


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