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TENDER - goods located in Liverpool

Wednesday 15/05/2019 - Time: 12:00 PM

We act for the liquidator of Carina Cards ltd t/a Grass Roots International, a major greetings card publisher

The company has ceased trading and we are now in a position to launch a tender exercise for the company's stock and a limted quanity of greeting card stands

The assets are being sold in two lots, as detailed below, the first being of the stock and the second being the stands

Bidders can place a bid just for the stock, just for the stands or a bid on each. Combined bids (for the two lots together) will not be considered

A stock list of the cards has been prepared, which can be viewed by following the 'supplementary sheet' button below, however this is for guidance purposes only and may not be accurate

Bidders are urged to attend on the official viewing day, Wednesday 8th May, when we will be able to accomodate viewings between 10am and 3pm

The address is Units 4-5, Brookfield Court, Brookfield Drive, Aintree, Liverpool, L9 7AJ

Bids must be sent to no later than Noon on Wednesday 15th May 2019. The succesful bids will be subject to a buyer's premium of 16% plus VAT on the entire purchase price

The succesful bidder will be notified withn 24 hours of the bidding deadline and then will have 7 days to pay and collect at mutually convenient times



No Catalogue currently uploaded

  Download Supplementary Sheet

Categories in this Tender are:

Approximately 165,000 greetings cards

Lot One

The card stock forms lot one, i.e. is to be sold as one single lot, in it's entirity. 'lot one'

Follow the supplementary sheet link above to download a stock list - we cannot verify it's accuracy

The stock is located in boxes on pallet racking

The succesful purchaser will buy the stock 'as-is', on the shelves and will need to bring appropriate labour and equipment ot load/remove

20 greetings card stands

Lot Two

As with the card stock, the stands are being sold as one single lot, 'lot two'

They consist of:

1 mobile stand and 2 static stands in the ground floor offices (photos 1 & 2)
1 wall mounted 'panel' on the first floor exterior mezanine (photo 3)
12 mobile racks in the first floor meeting room, of which 4 have 'extensions' at the top (photos 3 - 7)
1 wall mounted panel in the first floor meeting room (photo 8)
3 low height static racks in the first floor office (photos 9 & 10)

Any greetings cards on the stands are included in the cards stock (lot one), not with the stands which form lot two

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