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Thursday 08/03/2018 - Time: 17:00 PM


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DNA Sequencing Patent Application relating to Upstream sector of Oil & Gas Industry

DNA Sequencing Patent Application For Sale
We act in the capacity of agent to Messrs Elliott, Johns and Brierley, joint liquidators of 16s Technologies Ltd.
The company historically carried out DNA sequencing in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.
The company successfully developed and used a process which has been described as follows:
PCR amplification and sequencing of phylogenetic markers, primarily Small Sub-Unit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA) genes, has been the paradigm for defining the taxonomic composition of microbiomes. However, ‘universal’ SSU rRNA gene PCR primer sets are likely to miss much of the diversity therein. This application describes methods for the purification and reverse transcription of SSU rRNA (RT-SSU rRNA) molecules for high throughput sequencing. The direct rRNA sequencing approach detects greater taxonomic diversity when compared with general bacterial 16S rRNA amplicons from the same sample, simultaneously provided SSU rRNA gene inventories of Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya, and detected significant numbers of sequences not recognized by ‘universal’ primer sets. This demonstrated the veracity of direct RT-SSU rRNA sequencing for molecular microbial ecology.
We understand that patent applications have been filed in the US and the UK.  We further understand that the next divisionals need filing by the end of March 2018, i.e. within just a few weeks.
The UK Patent Application Number is GB1518786.7.
PLOS One (published by the Public Library of Science) published an article in June 2016 which can be accessed by following this link. published an article on 31st August 2016, a link to which can be found here.

Offers are invited for any such rights as the company may have to the patent applications detailed above.  The successful bidder will have the applications assigned to them following payment in full.

The liquidators will sign all reasonable documentation, however no warranties or guarantees are offered or implied.

The successful bid will be subject to VAT at the rate of 20%.

Bids must be received in writing by post or email to:

Jonathan B Kay
Robson Kay Associates Ltd
Tilson Road
M23 9GF

Tel. 0161 998 8111
Fax 0161 998 8222

absolutely no later than close of business on Thursday of next week, 8th March 2018.

We will look to accept the best bid no later than Monday 12th March 2018, following which the successful bidder must pay in full within seven days of acceptance.

We are happy to hold the funds in our client account to the buyer’s order until they are happy that the appropriate assignment documents have been signed by the liquidators, following which with the buyer’s approval the funds will then be forwarded to the liquidators.

It is not envisaged that the liquidators will require the services of a lawyer.


In the event of any queries about the bidding process please do not hesitate to contact


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