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ONLINE AUCTION, goods located at our Auction Rooms in South Manchester

Monday 26/02/2018 - Time: 12:00 PM

VIEW at our South Manchester Premises, strictly by prior appointment

Payment within 48 hours of sale ending

Collection within one week of sale ending

Bidding is now underway. Please follow this link to register and bid in the sale



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Categories in this Auction are:

Quantity of Soft Play Equipment including Slides

Quantity of children’s soft play equipment. 
These items were purchased from an industry leading brand, Play Revolution, in December 2016, i.e. just over 12 months ago.
The total install cost was £60,000 plus VAT, however we have only removed a section of the overall soft play equipment which it is difficult to allocate a specific cost price to.
The items we are selling have been uplifted to our premises and are all in the attached photos.
The very large yellow slide is made up of 5 separate components that bolt together, the total length of the 5 units together being approximately 425” (approx 35 feet), with each section having a width of approximately 43”.
The black slide is also made up of a number of sections, however they are currently bolted together in some instances and cuurently are in 3 sections as laid out in our premises.  The total length of the slide is approximately 380” (approx 32 feet) with a total width of approximately 44”.
The other equipment included comprises 2 stacks of square mats, 3 mirrored triangular sections, an electric powered ball shooter, various assorted smaller mats, quantity of netting and padded bar supporting same, 2 off punch ball type items, 3 off swinging cylindrical columns and a wide variety of other items


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