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ONLINE AUCTION, goods located at our Auction Rooms in South Manchester

Monday 19/02/2018 - Time: 12:00 PM

VIEW (when bidding commences) Thursday 15th February 2018

Sale ends from noon on Monday 19th February 2018

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Categories in this Auction are:

Large Mixed Insolvency Sale

Miscellaneous assets from various insolvencies including Omitec garage testing equipment, envelope printer, exercise machine, quantity of mobile phone accessories including cases, TVs, easels, photography lighting canopies, washer and dryer.

Plus Contents of a Jewellers as a result of insolvency and from several further insolvencies, the contents of several offices and the residual assets from an industrial contractor plusa pipe & drainage specialist importer - see below for fruther details

ALSO now includes large Toilet Tissue Machinery

The contents of a retail Jewellers as a result of insolvency

The total contents of a high street jewellers as a result of insolvency including good quantity of rings including wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks and other jewellery, watches by Breil, Guess, Radley, Simon Carter and others, cabinets and furnishings including display cabinets, serving cabinets, ornamental items, seating and more, watch straps and dispensing stands for same, ring sizers, battery sizers and more, giftware including ornaments, picture frames, desk sets, jewellery cleaner, boxes, bags, handbags and much more.


Office Furniture & Equipment

Large quantity of assorted office furniture and equipment including desks, chairs and cupboards, computers including notebooks and touchscreen computers, telephone equipment including Mitel high-end handsets and rack mountable module plus a quantity of handsets by Siemens, networking equipment, large meeting table, data safe, vacuum cleaner, coat stands, whiteboards, noticeboards, flipchart stands and similar, printers, etc, etc


Industrial & contractor's plant

Datum quattro laser level, radio detection sysytems (cat 4 & Genny 4), assorted ladders, sack trucks including bottle truck, quantity of 110V equipment including transformers, cables and lighting, generators and pumps, acro props, wacker plate, petrol saw, cable detection system, hand tools, power tools, quantity of freezeless tap systems, pumps, basement floor tiles, epoxy, quantity of galvanised clean heavy-duty bolt-free racking and much more


160 Tooth Whitening Kits

The residual stock of a manufacturer/importer as a result of insolvency - 160 off tooth whitening kits in lot sizes from 10 to 40 kits per lot

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