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Upmarket Clothing Parcel


Upmarket clothing parcel

A retailer of high-end niche/extreme fashion (male and female) is considering ceasing operations and selling the stock-in-trade.

The premises are not available, nor are any fixtures and fittings – only the stock.

The stock includes brands such as Saberi, Cherevichkiotvichki, Nehera, Tsolo Munkh.  Stocklists indicate that there is circa £350,000 of stock at cost which breaks down as:

a)                 Circa £200,000 of older stock, and

b)                 Circa £150,000 of current stock.

We assume that the older stock has been paid for, although it is possible that some of the current stock has not been paid for, and all that will be sold is any such rights the company may have to the stock, with Retention of Title claims by suppliers being at the risk, responsibility and expense of the buyers.

Whilst we have no specific reason to doubt the stock is all genuine, there are no warranties and indemnities, and claims will not be entertained in the event that any stock proves to be copies.

At this stage we are instructed to seek indicative offers based solely upon the above information, which should be forwarded in writing accompanied by proof of funding.

It is anticipated that parties making indicative offers at an acceptable level accompanied by proof of funding will be provided with additional information.

Offers should be made in writing to be received no later than noon on Wednesday 28th March 2018 to:



Robson Kay Associates Ltd

Tilson Road


M23 9GF



Tel. 0161 998 8111

Fax 0161 998 8222


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