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Rolf Harris Original Paintings

Rolf Harris Originals for Sale

Following our successful sale of a large original Rolf Harris oil painting earlier this year, which we took in as part of a wider ranging instruction, we have now taken instructions on two more pieces by the same artist, from two different clients.
Maori Chief

The first piece was painted in 1984, titled 'Maori Chief'.  This piece is in paint on board, measuring approximately 72” in height (6 feet) by approximately 47 ½” in width (4 feet).
It comes with a letter from the artist to Billy Marsh Associates confirming its authenticity and giving a little background - it was painted on stage at Oamaru Town Hall, New Zealand
We understand it has changed hands at least twice for the sums of £25,000 and £45,000 and we further understand (although we have no documentary evidence) that Bonhams valued the piece at around £45,000 to £50,000 several years ago.
It is patently incredibly difficult to value this piece now, as to our knowledge, the only piece sold by this artist in the open market since the artist’s conviction, is the piece that we sold earlier this year of an outback scene.
We would therefore very tentatively suggest a guide price of £20,000 to £25,000.

Self Portrait

The second piece is a self-portrait in pen and ink on what would appear to be hessian, in a superb quality frame.
The piece itself measures approximately 34” in height (just under 3 feet) x 26” in width (just over 2 feet).
This piece was painted in 1971 and was valued shortly before the artist’s conviction at £6,000.
We would tentatively suggest a guide price/estimate now of around £3,000.
Viewing & Bidding

Both pieces have been brought into our premises and are available for viewing by prior appointment during working hours.
In both instances, we invite offers on an informal tender basis i.e. there is no particular deadline to the sale/s.
Because the pieces are each respectively owned by different clients, we can only consider individual bids on each piece i.e. we cannot consider a collective bid for the pair.
Any bids will be subject to a buyer's premium of 15% plus VAT and a 4% ARR (Artists’ Resale Right).  The sale price itself is not subject to VAT and neither is the ARR.  This means total surcharges on any price bid will amount to 22%.
Please contact Jonathan Kay on 0161 998 8111 or by emailing for further information or to bid



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